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Affordable alloy for your magnets

Local mining from end-of life electric motors.

We are the first startup in Rare Earths recycling from
E-mobility vehicles

We have developed the world's first process for recycling rare earths from end-of-life two-wheeled vehicles. By enhancing end-of-life vehicles as a source of these critical materials, we believe it is possible to reduce rare earth imports, create a more independent Europe, and contribute to a greener planet. Choose RarEarth as your partner in sustainability.

"Rare Earths will fuel our green and digital future"


We collect and dispose vehicles at the end of their life.

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, many companies are facing a growing problem with the accumulation of end-of-life vehicles. At RarEarth, we understand the challenges that come with managing these vehicles, and we are here to help. You can turn what was once a problem into a revenue opportunity while helping to reduce your environmental impact.

Our key value for companies with a waste "problem".

With RarEarth's innovative process, we can achieve eight times more value than our competitors. This means excellent revenue opportunities for our suppliers, as we buy their End-Of-Life motors and provide them with a new source of income. At the same time, our process helps make the world greener by reducing the import of raw materials and promoting a more sustainable Europe. We are committed to creating a more independent and environmentally conscious future, and we invite our clients to join us on this journey.

Wastes are resources

RarEarth is proud to contribute to the recycling of end-of-life electric motors. By using our service, you can make money from your waste. 
By 2030 there will be
15 million end-of-life electric two-wheels vehicles in Europe.


Fabbrica di rifiuti

60 million

Cumulative revenue per year for owners of end-of-life electric vehicles in Europe if they chose us for their waste.

60 million

Saved per year.

Rare earth mines are extremely impactful.

10 %

Percentage of domestic demand that our recycled material can meet in europe.

Get ready to maximize the value of your end-of-life electric vehicles.


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